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J-Active Fitness Centre is a semi private gym & studio based in Loddiswell, South Devon.

We provide the highest standard of Services including Personal Training, fitness, nutrition, bespoke transformation plans & personal coaching across South Hams & Online. 

We specialise in life TRANSFORMATIONS. We are helping our clients to get results despite fitness level and ability bu building confidence and focusing on education and professionalism. 

With years of experience in the fitness & health industry and continuous education, our trainers can help you with your physical & mental wellbeing. 

J-Active Transformations

Who we work with?

Everyone! Our clients range from teenagers to people in their 80s, and everyone has their own unique goals that we support them towards. From the moment you join us, you are looked after. We will explain each step, each exercise, and each process. 


Our mission is to make people happier in their own lives and that is why we focus on a personalised approach with each of our clients. First, we will ask what is your goal? What is your aim? What do you enjoy? Then we will work with you and make suggestions based on your needs and those realistic goals. Life is not perfect - you have to balance your physical fitness, your nutrition, your rest - we will help you listen to what your body needs.

What do we do?


Clients Testimonials

“Joining the J-Active community was one of the best decisions that I have made in a very long time. As soon as I walked into my first class, they put me at ease. The classes are fun, and Little J and Big J are warm and friendly, but also very professional. I am fitter now than I have been in years, I am sleeping better, my mental health has improved, and I am losing weight. I really look forward to all of the classes. They always put a smile on my face. Big J and Little J are so supportive, and their motivation and positivity is infectious. I cannot recommend J-Active enough. ❤️”

- Pip

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