Copy of Copy of 26th April - 29th May 20

 Are you going for a holiday, do you have a special event planned soon or

are you looking for motivation, encouragement and guidance to get yourself back to training...

Either way this is the perfect place for YOU to be right NOW!

Beach Body 5 week TRANSFORMATION Online has been designed to help you feel better in your body and more confident every day.

Through the 5 weeks we will guide you and support you with your activities and nutrition to ensure that you are heading in the right direction to achieve your goal.


3 LIVE sessions (or recordings)

Every session is designed to target a different part of your body!

We are changing the type of workouts, repetitions and structure to ensure

that you are getting the best possible results!

Additional Workout Plans Gym or Home based.


Nutrition Plan, Recipes and Daily Support from us so you know

what and how much food you need to consume every day!


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We will help you to plan your weekly Activities including Live Classes, Home or Gym workout plans and include any extra activities you may have to ensure that you keep a healthy balance between training & recovery.


An only MEMBERS group so we can keep in touch with you every day in the VIP area. This is the place to share your journey with us, ask any questions and to meet other members.


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We will explain to you how to use a simple food tracking app and calculate your personal calorie requirements. Additionally you will get access to an 1800kcal Nutrition Plan & Meal recipes, making it perfectly simple. 


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You will get access to exclusive simple tools to help you get organised with you meals, training sessions and lifestyle. You will have access to Weekly Trackers, Check Lists and Meal Planners & more.


You need motivation & encouragement to get yourself back to fitness after a break...
You need advice and structure to keep yourself on the track with activities & nutrition...
You would like to get fit, burn calories, get toned and feel good!
You want to feel more confident and better in your summer clothes...
You want to see results from your work!
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3 LIVE Sessions (Tue, Thu & Sat) or recording to complete
Additional Training Plans – Home or Gym based
VIP Group Access Only for Participants of Beach Body Transformation (App/Website)
Nutrition Plan - 1800kcal  & Recipes 
Tutorial to food tracker
Calculation of your current Personal calorie requirements and Personal Advice
Weekly Check In
Happiness & Confidence!

How to start?

Beach Body 5 week TRANSFORMATION starts on Monday 26th and  we will meet you in the VIP Group. You will get a VIP access to all tools, plans and sessions!
Just click the button below and follow instructions!
We will see you on Monday!
Booking for Beach Body 5 week TRANSFORMATION is closed.
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 and we will send you detail.