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🎯Target: Bikini👙 16.05.2022

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The 21 Day Programme that is adjustable to your lifestyle! 'Target Bikini' includes workout plans for GYM & HOME. Let's focus on lower body & abs so you will feel awesome in your BIKINI! Training Plans are adjustable to all fitness levels and all of them have demo videos for you so you can just simply follow it. You decide how often you train and fit it in around your lifestyle. You will get access to the platform with a huge amount of knowledge about Nutrition & Exercise and all tools you may need to do it right! If you join by SUNDAY 15th May 2022 additionally you will receive PERSONAL advice about your calorie requirements and setting your PERSONAL goals from J! Fitness & Nutrition support from The Pro's to get those shapes right! Don't wait for the last minute! Let's get this BIKINI BODY now!

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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