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For the memory of Jordan's DAD

In May 2020 during the midst of lockdown we received the very unfortunate news that my dad Steven had been diagnosed with a grade 4 brain tumour. I remember speaking to dad in the build up to this and him describing his headaches as something that could only resemble a brain tumour. It wasn't until several doctors visits later and the minor seizures fortunately witnessed by my sister that he was taken to hospital for an MRI. He was later sent home to await treatment which could have been anywhere from 2-4 weeks times. Having been there and witnessed dad go from a fit and able working man, to physically disabled as his brain tumour continued to aggressively take over the left side of his brain, we could only hope & pray that the treatment could be brought forward.

Due to the lack of surgeries & surgeons available, it was a long waiting game. Dad did have treatment & part of the tumour removed but remained disabled & not the same man he was before. In October 2020 we decided to raise money for the Brain Tumour Charity and with an amazing support from locall businesses we could do an ONLINE Raffle Tickets draw together with Dad (you can read about it here). Unfortunately in December 2020 Dad passed away, but his strength and determination stayed with us.


Having witnessed the struggle that Dad experienced and the difficult time that the whole family went through, we decided that every October we will do our best to raise awareness and hopefully raise some funds which could go towards diagnosing these cancers faster & getting the right treatment sooner to try & prevent such trauma for other people & their families.

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What do we do this year?


10 000 REPS

Fitness Challenge

Join Little J & Big J at

J-Active Fitness Centre and help them to complete 10 000 reps!

  • 1000 Box Jump

  • 1000 Deadlifts

  • 1000 Squats

  • 1000 Hip Thrusters

  • 1000 Sledge Push

  • 1000 Press Ups

  • 1000 Military Plank

  • 1000 Bent over Row

  • 1000 Pull Ups

  • 1000 Stability Ball Pike


Raffle Ticket Draw

Raffle Tickets will be available Online & at J-Active Fitness Centre.

1 ticket - £5

To get your Tickets Online, visit

our JustGiving page donate (please put your name) and email us with your name.

We will send you your Ticket numbers and you will take part in draw on Monday 1st November 2021 during our Monday LIVE on Facebook Community Group & Instagram.


Donate Prizes

Last year thanks to businesses across the UK we had amazing prizes to win Online and locally in Devon & The Midlands.

If you would like to join us and donate a prize to our Raffle Tickets, join our sponsor list, be recognised by others. We are very grateful for each donation because every little helps!

Together we can do more!

To donate the prize, please fill out the FORM below.

Donate PRIZE

We are very grateful for every donation!

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