Every week we run a selection of varied workouts to ensure that you get a complete balance from different types of training. We run sessions via the ZOOM platform to ensure that we can communicate with all of our members during the workout.

timetable - April

live sessions

HIT, Core & Flex

A 10 minute HIGH INTENSITY blast, followed by 10 minutes of slightly slower work, focusing on strengthening, shaping & toning your ABS, core and lower back muscles. To finish, we dedicate 10 mins focusing on improving your FLEXIBILITY, mobility and functional strength.

How will I benefit? 

-Burning calories

- Improving Core Strength

- Stability & Flexibility 

HIT & Strength

Perfect compact class for hitting all areas of the body multiple times with short rest INTERVALS followed by strengthening your body by using light/moderate WEIGHTS.

How will I benefit?

- Increasing your general fitness

- Increasing endurance

- Strengthening your body

Active PUMP

Low impact full body workout, using light/moderate WEIGHTS which can be items from your cupboard (tin can or water bottles). Expect to burn lots of calories, build up a good sweat and pump every muscle group in your body! 

How will I benefit? 

​- Toning & Improving your muscle definition

- Strengthening your body

Legs, Bums & Tums

A class devoted to those wobbly areas! We work on key exercises to develop, strengthen & tone the thighs, glutes and stomach areas. This is a LOW INTENSITY session but you’ll definitely feel the burn in all of those muscle groups!

How will I benefit?

- Shaping & toning your muscles

- Strength your lower body

- Improved your Core Strength

Vinyasa YOGA

A strong, grounding practice suitable for beginners and those with some experience. This class focuses on alignment and strength. The postures are kept simple with a STRONGSTEADY flow.


How will I benefit?

- Increase flexibility,

- Stability and balance,

- Improve digestion

- Reduce stress

If you can not attend the session at time, as a MEMBER* you can message us and we will send you the link with the recorded session!

*Doesn't apply to single session purchases.

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