Every week we run a selection of varied workouts to ensure that you get a complete balance from different types of training. We run sessions via the ZOOM platform to ensure that we can communicate with all of our members during the workout.

timetable - summer


live sessions


Full body CIRCUIT workout (as intense as you make it!) with no equipment needed. To finish, we dedicate end of the session focusing on improving your FLEXIBILITY, mobility and functional strength.

How will I benefit? 

-Burning calories

- Improving Core Strength

- Stability & Flexibility 

HIT & Strength

Perfect compact class for hitting all areas of the body multiple times with short rest INTERVALS followed by strengthening your body by using light/moderate WEIGHTS.

How will I benefit?

- Increasing your general fitness

- Increasing endurance

- Strengthening your body

Active PUMP

Low impact full body workout, using light/moderate WEIGHTS which can be items from your cupboard (tin can or water bottles). Expect to burn lots of calories, build up a good sweat and pump every muscle group in your body! 

How will I benefit? 

​- Toning & Improving your muscle definition

- Strengthening your body


A class devoted to those wobbly areas! We work on key exercises to develop, strengthen & tone the thighs, glutes and stomach areas. This is a LOW INTENSITY session but you’ll definitely feel the burn in all of those muscle groups!

How will I benefit?

- Shaping & toning your muscles

- Strength your lower body

- Improved your Core Strength


Low impact exercises focused on your Abs & CORE muscles. We are working on your body posture and balance by strengthening your muscles through slow movements.

Low impact doesn't mean you won't sweat!  ;)


How will I benefit?

- Increasing mobility,

- Strengthening your core

- Improving stability and balance,

We are making everything as convenient as possible for you!


All our Members have got 24/7 Access to our Recorded sessions.

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