Due to current circumstances, all of our classes and workouts are run Live or are available online :)


ACtive pump

ActivePump is a low impact full body workout, using light/moderate weights which can be items from your cupboard (tin can or water bottles). We will train along to the repetitions of eccentric, concentric and isometric movements as we fatigue our muscles group’s one at a time. Expect to burn lots of calories, build up a good sweat and pump every muscle group in your body! 

Benefits include:

  • Toning & Improving Body Definition

  • Strengthening 

  • Low Impact

Saturday 9:15-9:55am

Legs, Bums & Tums

A class devoted to those wobbly areas! Here we work on key exercises to develop, strengthen & tone the thighs, glutes and stomach areas. This isn’t a high intensity class but you’ll definitely feel the burn in all of those muscle groups!

Benefits include:

  • Shaping the Legs, Glutes & Stomach

  • Strengthening the Legs, Glutes & Stomach

  • Improved Core Strength

Wednesday 10-10:40am
ABS, Core & Flex

Abs, Core & flex has been designed by us to help strengthen, tone and shape your core! Not only do we focus on exercising key core muscles, we also dedicate time to stretching all areas, improving flexibility, helping with mobility, functional strength & overall well being.

Benefits include:

  • Improving Cores Strength 

  • Stability & Flexibility

  • Low Impact Exercises

Monday 6-6:40pm

 Big Home Circuit​

This Circuit’s class has a massive 20 exercises! This class includes body weight, functional strength, abdominal & core exercises, designed to work every area of your body in the comfort of your own home! We will guide you through all exercises and adapt to your capability & goals!

Benefits include:

  • Functional Exercises 

  • Improving Fitness Level

  • Full Body  Workout 

  • Exercises adjustable to all fitness levels 

Tuesday 6-6:40pm
Saturday 10-10:40am



HIT (High intensity interval) training is a perfect compact class for hitting all areas of the body multiple times with short rest intervals. The class focuses on high intensity exercise bursts between 30-45 seconds with 10-15 second rests. A short class has the same benefits as a 60 minute brisk walk!

Benefits include:


  • Increased Fitness

  • Increased Endurance

  • Reduce body fat

Thursday 6-6:40pm