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Adjusting our lives to external changes!!

As lock down rules ease & the sun is beaming high and mighty, we should take a minute to reflect on our goals and progress before relaxing our own rules that have been set for the last 8 weeks.

Of course we will always advise you to go out and enjoy yourself. Not to feel guilty for having a day or night off from the plans you’ve set, but with the recent weather, and friends calling this could well be a recipe for disaster.

Of course it isn’t going to be that bad for you reading this! Because you’ve

listened to use over the last few months, and you know that if you relax, or slip then you simply get back up onto your feet and work that 10% harder in the next class. And the following class after that.

It must have crossed your minds already… what happens when lockdown ends!?

I’m sure you’re all looking forward to it as much as anyone else, but also wonder what may happen with the rapid changes in lifestyle choices, meals out with friends and family, and social drinks in the evening sun.

Well, don’t worry we have you covered. And we will also be enjoying BBQ’s with friends, and drinks in the evening.

The key, as usual is to plan ahead. If we know we have a whole week of sunshine, we will pick a day to go to the beach (sorry if you don’t live by the sea ;) ) and make sure we work hard up until that day. We don’t let slip on the forthcoming days with work or diet. Most of the time we even take some food to the beach with us to ensure we can maintain our goals, and prevent eating the wrong kinds i.e. that delicious pizza from the Pub. SOMETIMES, we will eat the pizza. And we don’t waste a single second feeling guilty about it because we get straight back on track.

It’s when we do this more often than not that we start to undo those gains we’ve made in the last few months. We

have to look at our goals NOW. We all set goals at the start, and they will change with time. Which is why it’s important to stop, reflect and set new goals. We’ve all achieved so much during lockdown! But for most of us the journey isn’t over, therefore we should take a second and think about what’s next. Where we see our self in another 3 months. Even set a weekly goal if our distractions are getting the better of us. Your goal becomes before anyone else’s!

It’s amazing to be allowed to see friends a little more now and we encourage you to enjoy your lives as much as possible, promoting physical and mental health at the same time!

Just be careful not to fall into a whole so deep that you can’t seem to find the way back out. Take control, enjoy yourself but also look at the bigger image and your long term goal!

If you are struggling with motivation, or distractions outside of training, then come and speak to us!

Were here to help,



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