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On one of our Live Videos we mentioned our new project to you. Straight after it we received so many messages with interest so we would like to tell you a little bit more about Calorie Inspection.

CALORIE INSPECTION has been created by

us for our community based on very repetitive needs of our members, which is a understanding of nutrition. We worked step by step to make it simple and easy to understand but also to give our community the best experience and chance to understand common issues, mistakes and failures during dieting, but also to give some simple advice to improve.

We are so passionate about keeping life healthy, active and simple, so we are sure that our knowledge and experience will open your eyes a little bit more on your daily habits.


This is our Unique LIVE analysis of your nutrition based on your 3-day food diary, with Personal recommendations & advice. We are calculating your calories, breaking them down into macronutrients & looking at the small details in your daily eating habits to help you understand everything you do a little more. We are highlighting your positive & negative points within your meals & habits and giving advice on how to improve your nutrition, helping you get closer to your personal goal.

LIVE VIDEOS will be on our Facebook Community Group & Instagram every Friday at 10am.

What do you get from CALORIES INSPECTION?

PERSONAL calculation of your calories needs, guidance and advice based on you,

HIGHLIGHTS on positive and negative parts of your diet,

PRACTICAL guidance on how to stop/start/improve habits,

EXPERTS opinion on how to make your nutrition easier and better, working towards your goal.

You can stay anonymous! We will need your details to calculate and be accurate with our advice, however we don’t need to use it on our live videos (we will use an imaginary person😊 and only you will know that is about you!).

We are looking for different type of people, different ages, different gender and different diets, so everyone can find something interesting and useful for themselves.

If you are interested in taking part please email us on so we can discuss further details.

First CALORIES INSPECTION will be LIVE on Friday 17th April 2020 at 10:00am on our Instagram and Facebook Community Group.

Don't miss out and please share it with anyone who may want to join, take part or you think may find it interesting :)



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