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'I didn’t want to even be in camera frame (...) now I am an ambassador for J-Active' - Georgia

Passionate, motivated and excited towards every workout & challenge! Georgia is one of our youngest members and we are so proud of seeing her passion to fitness growing day by day! In one of our previous blogs you could read story of Georgia & her mum - Belinda. Here is G's personal fitness story.

'I would say I started getting into fitness in the first lockdown however before that I did gymnastics and ballet as a child and did a few running events when i was around 7 and played football for my school team but it wasn’t something i continued. When I was 10 I was introduced to my local rugby team, after swapping clubs 2 years later I continued playing rugby for another 4 years including winning nationals with my girls u15’s team in 2018, rugby was pretty much my life at that point. Whilst playing rugby i also swam and competed for Kingsbridge kingfishers. On the side i also played netball, sailed and did a bit of cross country, as you can see I really enjoyed playing sports.

Unfortunately I gave up rugby in 2019 after dislocating my knee in a match and really damaging it. I did physio for around a year and my knee has only recently felt normal and as strong again which is mainly due to my fitness training. Since I finished secondary school i only planned to continue on with swimming and rugby but my injury stopped me from playing rugby, and I haven’t been able to get back in the pool since the first lockdown.

However for me my fitness journey started in March 2020 when my mum introduced me to J-Active’s live classes! At first I didn’t want to even be in camera frame but now I do most classes alone and am an ambassador for J-Active!! I went from thinking fitness consisted of sports and an occasional run to working out pretty much twice a day, six days a week whilst learning about and improving my diet and I enjoy it all so so much.

Jordan and Jolanta have changed my perspective on fitness and helped me find my love for it! My life revolves around working out and pushing myself to reach new fitness goals and I couldn’t be happier, I’m so so glad my mum encouraged me to join in to the classes because it’s now become a central in my life!'

We are so happy that we can be part of Georgia's journey and we are so proud that she become our Brand Ambassador! Her and her whole family are a brilliant example that being active together can be fun!

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