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'I fell in love with how much it started to improve my mental health.' - Amy and her story with YOGA

Amy attended a few live classes in 2020 and now we are so happy to finally have her on board in J-Active Team from January 2021. Here is a short story from Amy about her journey with YOGA.

'Having practiced yoga since 2016, I have learnt from over 13 different teachers, incorporated at least 8 different styles of yoga into my personal practice and have even been put through my paces by an ex-gladiator in yoga strength and conditioning workshops.

Initially attending 1 Hatha yoga class a week with a friend, I fell in love with how much it started to improve my mental health. I had one hour a week to completely forget everything outside of the 4 corners of my mat. Eventually that 1 hour of wobbles overcome, mind clutter reduced and breathing techniques mastered started to change my attitude and approach to the challenges I faced outside of my mat too. I started to like the person I was or at least the one I was becoming. The anxious, stressed and defensive person who broke down over small obstacles in my day to day was replaced by a more focused, positive and present me. I knew from that moment on that one day I wanted to help others feel the same.

With yoga firmly rooted in my daily life, I finally took the plunge to complete my Yoga Alliance accredited 200hr Vinyasa teacher training at London Yoga Hub, 5 years later.

Today, I teach a style of yoga that has surprised a lot of my current clients, it seems in a good way. I still bring in the breath and I do work hard to set themes that focus attention or help improve understanding of the body, mind and habits ingrained in us all. However, my classes are also designed to challenge physically, to make you sweat and tone the body from head to toe. I hope that this approach allows everyone to find their yoga edge and work with that, regardless of whether your goal is one that’s for internal or external gain.'

We are so happy to have Amy in The Team. Amy is bringing a completely new experience into our Community and we are pleased to be able to support such a passionate Yoga Instructor and be part of her journey!

Join one of live Vinyasa YOGA classes run by Amy every Wednesday at 6pm!

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