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'If I don’t do some sort of training/exercise on a day, it just doesn’t feel right' -Corinne

Corinne - J-Active Brand Ambassador - passionate & enthusiastic fitness freak! That is how we can describe her in few words. Always craving to know more about exercising & nutrition but... she hasn't been always like this. Here is Corinne's fitness story.

'Fitness was never one of my strong points. I was the chubby kid at the back of the class with an endless list of excuses why I shouldn’t get involved. I don’t like being defeated or made to look silly, so when in school P.E classes, I was slow, unfit & I couldn’t do something, I simply didn’t want to do it again.

I remember being very young and joining in with ballet lessons with my auntie, who taught it and then, I was told by a teacher at a new school, that ‘ballet wasn’t really for me’ which, shouldn’t have mattered at the time but I had really enjoyed it, and it knocked my confidence. Another teacher a few years later, when seeing me playing netball had said, ‘maybe you should stick to Geography?’ It’s little things like that, that over time just made me not want to get involved. I kind of just stuck to things that I was naturally good at and any sort of fitness got pushed right off the priority list.

There really wasn’t many pictures of me back then and I would shy away from the camera as I wasn’t happy with my body size or shape, but didn’t really know where to begin with it. I was always a happy, outgoing, friendly (and loud) child but I was very insecure deep down.

It was when I was at Uni, there was a series of photos that were put on Facebook by friends when we had gone out and I got tagged in photos, which made my stomach flip. I logged on and was disgusted. I couldn’t quite believe it was me in the pictures and I really didn’t like how I looked. I hadn’t realised how bad it had got, and I didn’t even recognise myself.

I joined weight watchers and got some fitness DVDs (I know, old school) and within a year I lost 3 stone. I felt fabulous. Only thing was, once I had got to my goal weight, I then moved, got out of that routine and lifestyle and it wasn’t long until I wasn’t fitting my clothes again, weight watchers didn’t seem to work so well the second time around and I just found myself yoyo dieting really.

The year that I was trying for a baby I got really into running, I would run three or four times a week and eat really well. I wanted to be in the best health to conceive. On the day I did my first half marathon endurance life event, I found out that I was pregnant.

After having Bobby, obviously, my body had changed a lot, Bobby’s father and I separated and having the opportunity to do any running/gym/fitness (or anything for myself really) was off the cards for me as everything then revolved around my son, then opening and running my business at that time.

I did in 2018, however, start doing online home workouts. It was pretty sporadic for a long time, few days here, few days there but the beauty was I could do them at home at a time that suited me and Bobby. I soon got into the routine of training daily and when my life got turned upside down for various reasons, fitness and the daily routine of working out and getting my exercise in remained, this kept me more grounded and focused.

When Jordan & Jolanta’s class on a Saturday started in Malborough, it perfectly coincided with my Bobby drop off time to his fathers. I went to give it a go and loved it from the first class. Although I knew what I was doing on many things, there were some exercises and routines that were new to me. J & J made sure that my form was correct, that I wasn’t slacking off, that I wasn’t being shy of the correct weights for me, reps for me etc and they encouraged my progression. They also happened to be super nice, friendly, knowledgeable and got involved too, which I like.

COVID-19 brought the classes in Malborough to a halt but J-Active quickly adjusted and

brought everything online, which, when we are all stuck at home gave a bit more purpose to us all. A social meet up (online) as well as a fun variety of workouts throughout the week. I now do all of them each week as well as my morning online home workouts, with a few runs and walks thrown into the mix.

If I don’t do some sort of training/exercise on a day, it just doesn’t feel right. It’s become such a huge part of my life. Physically, yes, but mentally too. Also I have noticed differences in my attitude to training classes, in so much as, there would be a time where I’d find it so hard, that I’d do my upmost to make things easier for myself. Or if it’s a timed section, I’d stop before the countdown finished, or drag out the last couple of reps, where as now, I see how much harder I can make it, how much heavier weights I can add and how many more reps I can fit in that time.

If you had told me a few years ago the training schedule I do now, I would have laughed and said, ‘no way’ because it never came naturally to me. Then I worked exceptionally hard for a long time, with ups and downs, progressions and set backs but now, as I say, a day without some sort of training seems unnatural. Fitness is part of my routine and consistency is the only way to make it work. Keep trying, keep showing up for yourself & keep going. I now have a lot more confidence, I’m very happy in my own body and there probably isn’t a day that goes by without a selfie or two (or three or four!) I like to be a positive energy, influence and encouragement to my son especially, but also to other people to look after themselves better, through fitness, though health, nutrition & self care. It can be done. I am proof. You just need to start.'

Corinne become our Brand Ambassador and we are so happy to have such a enthusiastic person in our #ActiveGang who we can support and who is supporting us by spreading the word about healthy lifestyle :)

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