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J-Active Fitness Centre Opening - THANK YOU

Not even a month since we opened our door😍…so before we finish August and hit you with our September plans, there is so much gratitude and appreciation we have to share!

J-Active Fitness Centre’s transformation as a building was super fast and incredible! You could see the place with no soul transformed into the greatest fitness place with incredible Community involved in the whole process❤️

Here is our massive THANK YOU to everyone for your support!

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the renovation, kicking down the walls and decorating the whole building. Scraping the walls was challenging but painting the walls took probably the longest so we wouldn’t open without your hands being involved (Little J is still having nightmares about painting walls😂)…

So thank you Samily (Emily&Sam), Tracy, Georgia, Helen, Cluck, Pip & Nigel for all your supporting hands!

Thank you Allen for moving plugs around the whole building, changing all lights and checking every single wire. There is no other electrician on this earth who would last and survive all of Little J's last minute requests😂 and without your amazing advice and work we would open but probably in 2034.

Thank you Pip & Nigel for your expert engineering skills & muscle with building the most unique piece of equipment in the whole South Hams! The fact that we didn’t have a manual to put it up didn’t slow us down & made it all the more fun! So thank you for your brains and muscles!

Thank you to our amazing friends for allowing us to store the Synergy for last few…months…years🤭 Thank you Harry & Jarrad for driving down to Devon at mid-night to bring our baby to its new home (at this point it was still red😱).

Thank you Roots&Thymes for providing delicious food for our VIP Open Day so everyone could spend the best time with #ActiveGang. Thank you Hannah and Salcombe Gin for providing drinks for our VIP Open Day to celebrate the opening! And for the discount to all J-Active Members!😍 (YES! J-Active members have 15% discount)

Thank you everyone for your continuous support and belief in everything we do💕 We will continue our hard work towards making people happier, fitter and healthier! 🤗




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