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Measuring Food & Body


You decide you want to get in shape...You train every day or a few times a week for a week and try to eat better food... You step on the

scale every day and the numbers go down. Yaaaay!..... You eat out or have a take away at the weekend, step on the scale on

Monday, and its higher than before!.... You’re disappointed, unmotivated, and you feel guilty...

We all know this story from somewhere...

Ground RULE:We don’t have to track everything on a day-to-day basis including our body weight. Our bodies are incredibly complex pieces of machinery where all kinds of crazy stuff happens all day and all night. Numbers will fluctuate each day due to many factors, most importantly probably not because of fat gain.


Measure tape – to measure waist, hips, chest, upper arm and upper leg

Weight Scale – only once a week we are going to check if your weight

is going down (or up - depending on your goal) however take a notice that weight scales do not always show you real results! 1 kg of body fat and 1kg of muscle weight exactly the same however the fat is taking much more volume and much more space than muscle so your body will change shape but your weight may stay the same (sometimes even can go slightly up!)


Kitchen Weight Scale – Why to measure your food?

Look at the pictures of the peanut butter below. They look almost the same, but weigh different and have different amount of calories... So just imagine how much difference can be in the food you are eating during a whole week..

MyFitnessPal App – Very easy to use and track your food. The app will calculate your kcals and balance your macronutrients. It will show you how much you have eaten and how much you are allowed to eat to reach your goals. Very helpful to open your awareness about difference in macronutrients in food. Aim for the number of calories advised by us in your feedback.

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