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Meet The Team - Jordan (Big J) & his fitness story

'It takes a chat with my parents to know of a time when fitness was not the most important thing in my life. Perhaps I was a little chubby as a pre-teen but having started playing football at a young age I soon grew into my body and became a physical fit & strong young lad. I was very fortunate to have great coaching at such a young age and was probably part of very few teams that had specific fitness training at that age. We used to have body weight circuit training on a Tuesday night and my competitiveness for football completely transferred into fitness training. I wanted to be fitter, faster and stronger than anyone else and stopped at nothing to get there.

Fast forward to my early teens and having seen most of my close friends join the local rugby team, I also decided to try out at a new sport. My speed and strength that I had developed from a young age saw me excel in rugby, being able to sprint past and quite often through the opposition.

My passion for rugby eventually fizzled out as I grew into my late teens and found a love for training in the gym. I had a vision which I had probably attained from watching my older brother lift weights and seeing the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movies. It wasn't long before I was buying fitness magazines (I did not have the internet back then) and was reading about the best training methods and supplements to take to enhance my muscle growth. At one point I juggled midweek football, weekend rugby and gym 5 days a week but I could not sustain enough passion for all 3.

At 16 I found myself skipping lessons at school to go to the gym, making sure I was back in time to get the bus home (I do not advise this to young aspiring kids…)

It wasn’t long before I was off to college studying sports science at Loughborough. I eased through the course with the highest grades, but also with one of the lowest attendances in class (familiar pattern here).

I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BSc Hons Degree in Exercise & Nutrition in 2016. I quickly got myself a job in one of the largest and newest fitness facilities in Nottingham, personal & group training hundreds of students and other individuals as well as helping them understand their nutrition.

Along side this my career in bodybuilding had taken off and I found myself with 3 large sponsorships. I was living the dream, coaching people to better their lives, receiving free fitness clothes, supplements and doing guest appearances at charity events around London as a fitness model, and at the largest fitness expeditions in the UK – Bodypower.

Although I had it good, it was not enough. I was set on having my own fitness studio, and because of my drive to succeed in this, my current employer made my time less enjoyable at work. I decided to leave the gym and set out on my own adventure.

It wasn’t until 2 years later, when I met my fiancée (Little J) that we found out that we shared the same dream. She left the gym that she was working on and we set out together to change the world.

Here we have J-Active. It is by no means a finished product, and the plans we have together go on beyond most people’s expectations. But watch this space as we progress to something you’ve all been waiting for.'

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