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"...she dragged me along for moral support. We haven’t looked back since." - Iain & Tina

"Exercise for Tina and I meant me going to Crossfit every evening or going for a run and neither of us seeing each other all evening, which meant we were slowly drifting apart. We have been married for nearly 23 years, with the only common interest being our 3 children. As they are now older and don’t need us as much (!?), so the gap between us started to widen.

I tried to involve Tina in Crossfit, but she didn’t like it and running together wasn’t an option either. So we built a gym in the garden at home so I could work out at home. It worked at first and we worked out together but weights were not for Tina and the motivation soon dwindled.

It wasn’t until Tina saw the advert for J-Active that she dragged me along for moral support. We haven’t looked back since. We both loved it, the teaching is second to none, and the people we work out with are the best. We found working out together brought us closer together. Even lockdown couldn’t stop J-Active with zoom classes almost every day, we thrived doing them together. We learned to have fun, laugh and tease each other, things we had somehow lost along the way. I certainly think the classes have helped us lots.

We still exercise apart at times, Tina doing Pilates and even running (trying!!) and me running or doing Crossfit and weights in my gym. But we always look forward to our J-Active classes, either online or offline. We are continually taking the mickey out of each other, teasing or just laughing as we make up our own names for exercises and giggling like children as we push each other off balance.

This may not have happened without J-Active and their constant encouragement, dedication to our fitness and presence in our living room. We are now happy, fitter and share a common interest which we both love doing."

We are so happy to see how workout together can make a good changes in lives... And thank you for having us in your living room! ;)

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