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The couple who are completing #ActiveFridayChallenge on Sunday

What does the wife say about training with her husband?

Pippa & Nigel...the couple who are completing #ActiveFridayChallenge on Sunday and never stop pushing themselves to the next level.

We will never forget when Pippa walked into her first training session at J-Active in Devon (times when we weren't only online) and we could see that she was a little bit scared, but was an absolute pleasure to hear that she really enjoyed her first session! Two months later she brought her husband Nigel and they stayed in #ActiveGang since! They both made incredible progress through the whole year.

(Top picture:Feb2020, Bottom pictures: Oct/Nov2020)

Determination, focus and motivation... they have been learning a lot about nutrition, following their personalised nutrition plans and attending every month to J-Active Online Sessions. Results are incredible but let's see what Pippa has to say about exercising at home with Nigel:

''Nigel and I really enjoy working out together, its great to have a joint interest outside the home, the kids and work and its has definitely had really positive effect on our relationship.

It's great fun doing the classes together, we laugh a lot during the classes - at each other!! It also means that if there are days when one of us really feels unmotivated to go to a

class the other is there to encourage you to get on and do it, and you always feel better after. The more that we are learning about the the exercises the better placed we are

during classes to help and correct each other on posture, etc. We also support and encourage if one of us is flagging and feeling like we can’t do any more of the exercise the other one is there to say “ come on, yes you can do it”.

Working out together has also meant that we now lead a much healthier lifestyle, working together for a much healthier future, supporting each other every step of the way.''

We are so happy to see the progress every week, motivation every session and how much Pippa and Nigel have learnt about nutrition and exercises! And that their workouts are now part of their days and when it comes to nutrition they make better choices every time :)

Pic: Pippa & Nigel encourage even their son to get Active Together!

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