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''The order of events which has led to our increased bond through exercise...'' - Belinda & Georgia

Mother & daughter from the Gang! Seeing Belinda & Georgia working out together online (even if they are away from each other) makes us so proud and inspired! Here is what Belinda says about J-Active workouts.

''Jolanta asked me the other day if I would like to put down my thoughts on exercising with my daughter and how this has come about during lockdown.

So I have been thinking about this and the order of events which has led to our increased bond through exercise.

I started exercising on a Monday evening at Malborough village hall as some of my friends recommended to me, it's so long ago I can't quite remember the class but I think it was legs, bums and tums. Anyway it was great fun, very friendly and my abs started aching so all in all a big positive. Then lockdown hit and they came up with plan B , virtual zoom exercise classes! So along with other members I started and in the beginning I was just doing one class. My daughter is 16 and always been very active and fit and during lockdown we started using TRX bands and a bit of hill running to keep our fitness levels up.

Sometimes we did find motivation wandering and our sessions were very same and we were inclined to skip the hill runs at times.

G became quite curious about my online class and with Jolanta's permission began to join in but she was pretty nervous about being on camera so she would stay out of shot most times. However, with the customary biggest stretch of the day call at the end of every session G soon overcame her shyness and was happy to be in the shot.

Jolanta and Jordan are also excellent at encouraging individual members during the sessions and giving information on how to make exercises easier or tougher depending on the situation.

Since G and I have been doing classes together our fitness has improved , we don't become despondent and can see a definite change in our body shapes. It's interesting how we differ in strength and stamina and we know how we can help out one another with our less favourable exercises.

G is amazing at press ups , (Jolanta tells G she has really good back and shoulder muscles) I'm rubbish at them and I love triceps exercises in body pump and G finds them hard.

More recently I have been away from home when logging on for classes and it's been so great to see everyone but especially to see G is still doing classes without me there to nag her. l think that although we were exercising together before we joined J-Active on line we are a lot stronger and motivated with them. We have always appreciated the benefits of exercise and healthy living but the challenges that J+J set us , such as no added sugar for a month are great ways to make us stop and think about what we are eating in more detail.

We are looking forward to the live classes starting again, Covid permitting, the fit zones sessions were an excellent way to really get our fitness to a new level. I was in awe of G’s box jumping achievement, she has kangaroo legs! And before I finish I'd like to mention the Friday challenges , sometimes we save them up until

Sunday but they are our top topic of conversation on a Friday and we discuss them with part horror and part glee!

Many thanks to Jolanta and Jordan for an excellent outstanding group we are truly happy to be a member of.''

Great work mum and daughter! We are so happy to witness an amazing fitness improvement! And love seeing Georgia & Belinda on our Online classes.

Georgia also runs 1mile every day of December together with her friend to raise awareness for Centrepoint. Well done Georgia and Chloe! Keep going!

We are so proud of you!

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