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''We are now a team, we motivate each other we encourage each other'' - Hannah & Owen

Very often we hear that people can't make the class because of the lack of time... work, family etc... So here is an amazing example of one of our couples who always find the time for them to do some exercises even if they include dog or kids around;) How motivational can exercising together be? Here is what Hannah & Owen said about their experience...

Hannah: ''I joined J-Active at the beginning of the year (2020) by myself, the start of the year making a decision that this was the year for change for my body. After a while Owen started to join in too. This is what made the difference to me, one of the reasons I am still going, working out most days and every week. We are now a team, we motivate each other we encourage each other. Working our together is fun, we have a lot of banter during our online sessions and in some ways have started to compete with each other. Whenever it gets hard, the other person recognises this and motivates you to keep going.

I suppose its like having your own trainer with you by your side. We remind each other about how we hold ourselves, ‘Straight back Hannah’ he will say to me. Its also very helpful when you are, trying to maintain a healthy diet as you cook together, it helps to keep you on track together.

The transformation in both our bodies has been the most impressive and something we are proud of each other for and that keeps us motivated for the next session.”

Owen: “Exercising together has been a revelation for me, I didn’t think Hannah and I would never be into working out together, and it turns out we are. It’s a massive motivation when we’re not very inclined to exercising after a long hard day at work, or just want to veg out on the sofa.

The other person motivates you to do it no matter what and its also been a good journey together in watching our bodies transform, into more healthier, stronger, active bodies.

What I have enjoyed most is the amusement, we make each other laugh. I highly recommend working out together as a couple you have a joint sense of achievement, particularly if you are looking at the dietary side of the process, it’s a lot easier to support each other through that. If you are doing however many squats and the person next to you is doing it too, it motivates you to complete it rather than just giving up as no one is holding you accountable for it.”

Incredible work during the classes (online & offline), following their nutrition plan & improving daily habits step by step. This is the key!

Hannah & Owen are an amazing example that there is always time and place for a workout even with the whole family & dog around ;)

We are so proud of them all!


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