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''You don’t feel judged and you feel like part of a team'' - Sara & Zoe

Seeing a younger generation joining our classes makes us so proud! Here is what our members - Sara & Zoe are saying about J-Active classes :)

''Lockdown has been a challenge for everyone and prior to this Zoe and I were going to the gym in Kingsbridge. When this closed, we chose to go on some longer walks with the dogs which was an opportunity for us exercise especially with all the hills close by.

When we were able to exercise indoors we chose J Active as it was nearby and had a great reputation for being fun and working hard with some amazing transformation pictures online.

I think like everyone trying something new, we sat in the car and admitted we were both nervous about going in! Everyone would be super fit, would we be the odd ones out? None of that!!! We loved it, everyone is in the same boat at a fitness class, no matter what shape, size or weight, we all want to make a change, we realised this as soon as we started doing the circuit exercises. After the class we agreed that we were definitely going the following week and since the beginning of November, we have happily joined the online classes.

I have loved sharing the opportunity to exercise with Zoe; we encourage each other and laugh together when we find an exercise hard. I really like that we share something in common that we both enjoy. Although I exercise with Zoe she also has lots of support and encouragement from her mum and dad and I am pretty sure that gym accessories will be on our Christmas lists! From my point of view I think that Zoe’s confidence has increased massively, she has really committed to the classes and knows that she is capable of anything if she puts her mind to it.

For me, I have enjoyed the positive feedback from my husband and family and would encourage anyone to give it a go!'' Sara

Zoe says:

''I joined J Active because it had a good reputation and I was able to look it up on almost all social platforms. Little J and Big J are a young couple and make each class fun. Although I was nervous about the first session I really felt that I had worked hard and loved it.

I enjoy both online and offline classes because you feel like you are part of a group working towards similar goals.

I get lots of support from my family and especially from Sara when we do classes together. My goal is to get fit and feel good about myself and more confident. Every week I feel like I am achieving something new from different exercises.

The most important thing when you join J-Active is that you don’t feel judged and that you feel like part of a team,

I think if anyone is thinking about it, then just go ahead and book your first class.'' Zoe

We are so proud of Sara's & Zoe's achievements and progress so far! They both are working very hard towards theirs goals!

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