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From our experience, we know that understanding nutrition, why we do an exercise a certain

way, or why we need recovery time, is a big part of becoming healthier for most people. 

We know understanding why helps to motivate people, so it is at the core of how we will

work with you.

Education allows people to take something more away from us, more than what they came

for. In fact, in the long run, you may not actually need us anymore.

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The Active Gang

We are proud to say that we have built more than just a simple space for fitness; J-Active is a genuine community, where the focus is on physical, mental, and social health and wellbeing.

From the minute you step in the door, you become a part of the Active Gang!

It’s not just us who will welcome you; it is the entire group. It’s a very friendly community. Sometimes it’s even difficult for us to start group classes because everyone is chatting away.

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