J-Active is growing!

 Fit Camp, Circuit, ABS, Core & Flex, Small Group Sessions, Mobile Personal Training or Online... we are providing different types of Activities to make sure that everyone can find something that suit your needs. 





A 4 week block of group training sessions designed to transform your body & perspective of fitness & lifestyle. All fitness levels are covered from beginner to advanced. J-Active Fit Camp consists of 3 sessions per week with our Personal Trainers. During this camp you will use a variety of training methods… you will receive weekly check ins to track progression, individual calorie requirements & nutrition advice throughout, a daily planner & your own J-Active log booklet.

Benefits include:

  • Closed Community & online support hub

  • 12 training sessions

  • Variety of exercise classes

  • Exercises adjustable to individuals

  • Priority for bookings & discount


Monday night Circuit’s class has a massive 20 exercises! This class includes body weight, resistance, functional strength, abdominal & core exercises, designed to work every area of your body in a fun, friendly environment! 2 Personal Trainers will guide you through the circuit ensuring all exercises are completed correctly, and are adapted to your capability & goals!

Benefits include:

  • Functional Exercises 
  • Improving Fitness Level & 
  • Full Body  Workout 
  • Exercises adjustable to individuals
ABS, Core & Flex

Abs, Core & flex has been designed by us to help strengthen, tone and shape your core! Not only do we focus on exercising key core muscles, we also dedicate time to stretching all areas, improving flexibility, helping with mobility, functional strength & overall well being.

Benefits include:

  • Improving Cores Strength 

  • Stability & Flexibility

  • Low Impact Exercises

(*available also in group up to 4 people)

We strive to put the ‘Personal’ back into ‘Personal Training’. Our PT sessions are focused on improving your individual goals in the most efficient & enjoyable way, using our personal, proved & innovative methods. Each 1h training session will provide you with our full support regarding your personal training & your nutritional requirements in the private studio environment

Benefits include:

  • 1-2-1 tailored training sessions

  • Personal Nutrition advice

  • Weekly check ins & Progress Tracking

  • Support with breaking habits


Your lifestyle doesn't allow you to go for regular classes? Your working hours change every week? Or you just don't feel like you want to train somewhere else? Don't worry! You don't have to travel to get active. We will deliver it to you :) Each 1 hour training session will provide you with full support regarding your lifestyle, training and nutritional requirements. And you don't have to leave the house!

Benefits include:

  • Time effective  PERSONAL TRAINING

  • Training in your own environment 

  • Personal Nutrition Advice 

  • Support with Goal Setting (and achieving!) 


Struggling to juggle life & find time to exercise? Look no further than this.. an opportunity for you to work out from your home with the guidance from us online! A home workout with your personal trainer via private video call*. 
Training plans for gym or home also available online as well as full nutrition guidance with macro-nutrient specific diet plans tailored to you.

Benefits include:

  • Available for individuals & groups

  • Save time with no travel

  • Balance exercise & life!