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We provide our best service to individuals by working with all our Clients on the PERSONAL level! We are so happy to see your results and life improvements! Thank you for letting us be part of your journey!

''Not to be dramatic, but Jolis has truly changed my life and my outlook on fitness. I have always struggled with exercise and my body confidence, but training with J boosts my self esteem and I feel so much healthier and stronger. She makes me feel so good about myself and is so positive and encouraging. I no longer dread working out and look forward to our weekly Personal Training sessions and having a catch up. She tailors each session to my individual needs and pushes me to achieve. Thanks so much for all you’ve done for me J!''

Lauren, 21

''I have now trained with J on many Fitness Camps since June 2018. And have enjoyed all of them I have benefited enormously from her guidance, skills and perseverance. She has always been helpful, encouraging, and professional - with warmth. When we are pushed harder in our classes we do so with a smile on our faces because of J's infectious personality. I have lost weight, gained muscle and my fitness levels have improved immensely and have lot more confidence. I still train with her regularly and am still working towards my goals She is a great Personal Trainer and I would genuinely recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their life/health''


''Over the years I've been doing various keep fit activities and to be honest I lost interest or felt I was only a number there. Since joining J-ACTIVE Fit Camp it's been completely different! She is so friendly, bubbly, chatty and genuinely interested in each person and their goals she asks you questions gives advice etc and is very honest. Also she introduces everyone to each other gets u involved, ideas etc I personally really enjoy my classes, I feel very motivated. I'm looking forward to my journey with the very professional J-ACTIVE and would highly recommend her. Thank you J"

Pauline, 54

''I have been training with J for over a year now and I am pleased to say that I have seen great results. I had been training on my own on and off for a few years before training with J, but I struggled to stay motivated and this really delayed my progress. When I started training with J I developed a lot of motivation. She really pushes you and motivates you to keep going which had a positive impact. I have reached my weight loss goal and I don’t think I would have done it without J. Her Personal Training sessions are fun and different each time so you are not doing the same routines each time which can get boring as I found when I was training on my own. I have recommended J to my friends who have also become her regular clients. If you are wanting to lose weight or even just tone up I would recommend J.''

Thelma M. 

''I was new to the whole Personal Trainer thing at the gym and did not know what to expect, but J sat me down at my 'induction' and we just talked through my lifestyle and habits, she was clear as to why she was asking so many questions. It was to get an idea of what she was able to offer in the way of advice for eating habits and physical activity to get me to my overall goal. The first few sessions she just put me through my paces to see what my physical level was, I was surprised to find it fun. Then she would start to push that level and mix up my sessions so I was never bored and always pushing myself. J has a way of encouraging you to do better for yourself not her, she made my gym experience fun and I loved going and working out, I even ended up laughing as I did my exercise. She also encourages you see the progress you have made from when you first started to what you have accomplished since then, you will be surprised, I was! I would recommend J as a Personal Trainer to anyone who asks as she knows her stuff and makes what is mostly seen as a chore into something enjoyable but also she is a genuine person who wants to see you meet you potential and goals for a healthy and fit life.''



''Ok so without a doubt I would recommend anybody and everybody to come and join J-ACTIVE Fit Camp. All classes are never dull, always different and challenging and J is always on hand for advice and tips -exercise or good. But what really gets me fired up is when I’m struggling on that last rep or round and she sees it and straight away tells tell me I’ve got this or I can do this and I do!! She is very passionate about what she does and it shows in her skills.''

Marcia R-W

We would be so happy to hear your opinion about your Training Session with US! 

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